The inside of Eco Grape Box uses hollow-out structure. It looks like a funnel which is matched with the shape of grape. It maximizes contact area between packaging and grape so that it not only makes sure to get plenty of air but also prevents the grape from being crushed. As for material selection, Eco Grape Box adopts green corrugated cardboard with an unibody design. And the box introduces the application of buckle structure with inserting connection in the joint position. In plane design, Eco Grape Box uses double-sided printing, molded packaging each has a pattern of half grape. When two boxes piece together,the front and back of the two boxes will form a full grape patterns.
Eco Grape Box have both portable and transport forms. So it can be used for both sale and transport. During the process of exhibition, customers could see the quality of grapes through hollow-out structure, in the grmeantime, various combination patterns make the display more effective. Due to the stability of texture and structure, it is noteworthy that Eco Grape Box could be used as a storage basket and achieve repeated use.

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