“EatCult” is my own startup project. It has two meaning: one is short for Eating Culture, another one symbolises the Chinese word, which means mixing the eating habit with the healthy homemade food option. I want to bring this new eating behaviour into the market and provide business opportunity to the private kitchen chefs. I create a digital platform for private kitchen’s chefs to quick match with their customers. The mission is to change consumer eating behaviours through a fast and convenient delivery of private kitchen services. Eating the healthy homemade meal will then become a new habit in the young generation.

“O2O Promotion”
I want to bring out 5 key elements of our service platform, so I have found 5 different people to represent the ideas. It shows the whole process from food choosing to delivery service.

Step1: EatCult Farmer – Provide communities with fruit and vegetables
Step2: EatCult Buyer – Choose and buy the best food for our customers
Step3: EatCult Chef – Prepare and cook food with private kitchen quality
Step4: EatCult Delivery Man – Provide fast and good food delivery service
Step5: EatCult Manager – Communicate well with chefs and customers

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