In the 21st century, in the Western world there still are adult persons lacking basic skills. To facilitate their (re)integration into the world on paper, several European organizations developed a concept called “easy-to-read”. The work in hand analyses as to whether an easy-to-read approach can be successfully applied to journalism and defines corresponding
requirements on graphic design. This work includes examples of successful translations into “Easy-to-read” press releases.

To meet the matters of the topic, it was attempted to develop a layout that’s easy to read as far as it’s possible. The individual text blocks are adapted to the length of their content, in order to avoid breaks which could disturb while reading. Adrian Frutiger’s “Neue Frutiger 1450” was used since it’s a font that’s particularly easy to read. The seemingly arbitrarily arranged title on the cover of the paper represents the initial ignorance about the matter of the “Easy-to-read language”. At the end of the book, after reading it and dealing with the topic, the reader will finally find the readable title.

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