Doosan collaborative robot UX provides an intuitive touch interface across robot installation, teaching, control, and monitoring process. Unlike with industrial robots that require expert-level programming knowledge, GUI-based user interface enables novice users to perform robot teaching with a low learning curve.
Over 150 expert interviews, usability tests, and field studies have been conducted. By doing so, most essential “robot unit actions” were defined and visualized into a set of intuitive Skill Icon GUI. Design team also analyzed a number of onsite task patterns to elicit standard templates. The robot recognizes newly interfaced machines and peripheral devices, recommending the best-suited task template based on the surrounding condition. The robot provides default values of essential properties, such as velocity, acceleration and torque while also supporting adjustments through flexible combination of typing in, jogging and hand-guided teaching. After completing property input, users can run the robot and check the task progress and takt time on the process monitor screen that visualizes the highly complicated robot data into communicable interactions.

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