Dongpo flavor consists of culture and food of Dongpo. Creative inspiration comes from SuTungPo, the main figure of Dongpo culture and Dongpo pig knuckle, the representative of Dongpo food. Then we start from Dongpo scholars and multi-faceted life of diners and design the character symbols with full Dongpo atmosphere creatively.
Gift box have many layers, products and accessories can be put independently. Hand box is from the archetype creation of Chinese style shopping baskets, and adopt the special paper with strong traditional sense. Decorated with bamboo grains, the design can manifest Dongpo style. The appearance is SuTungPo, the scholar holding a fan. When the drawer of the gift boxes is pulled, TungPo suddenly transforms to the fashionable gourmet master like Face Magic Show. The skillful structure design shows the moment of enjoying Dongpo pig knuckle.
TungPo image is always holding a bamboo fan as the creative factor. Food edible instruction adopts calligraphy. Bold atmosphere is presented quickly as long as the folding fan is opened. As for each detail from box outside to box inside, we aim at presenting the versatility of Dongpo culture directly and vividly.

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