DOGA – Design and Architecture Norway, drives sustainable value creation through design and architecture. The organisation facilitates collaboration; creates an arena for practitioners and businesses; and advances the role of design and architecture in shaping Norway’s future.

The highlight of DOGA’s profile is a new logo, featuring four letters displayed without a dominant focal point. The letters act as visual cornerstones, naturally creating shape and substance, depending on the point of view. The logo hints at DOGA’s ambition to be an arena for possibilities.

DOGA represents the various design and architecture disciplines which is reflected in the way the logo comes to life. The logo adapts itself to digital formats and where motion is possible, in 3D physical formats, and in 2D and printed materials. Users can interact with the logo on the web, producing experiences that vary depending on the type of device. A digital “logo maker” was created to, making it easier to design new logos in an infinite range of perspectives. As a result, the new visual identity appears organic and dynamic – quite appropriate for a sector in transformation.

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