Developing new online bank for corporates design, we’ve relied on a client-oriented approach based on a series of design-thinking sessions, focus groups and client surveys we’ve identified roles with different needs and profiles among our customer base, established key scenarios of their interaction with the system and integrated them into an interactive prototype. As an outcome we’ve developed the web client with user-centered UX upon client personal specifics and needs. The basic features of the system are made convenient and intuitive for the user. The visual design concept creates a bright association with the bank’s brand and concentrates the user on his major / usual tasks in the system. All the necessary functionality is made handy and can be easily accessed at any time from within the system.
The project has started in December 2015. Since that time more than 300 thousand clients have highly appreciated the new bank for its neat design and convenience. Most recent researches carried out according to System Usability Scale methodology have shown impressive result: 85 points out of 100 for usability (in average, normal score is 67).

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