DGTL started off as a small one day festival in Amsterdam in 2013. Since then it has grown into a yearly season opener, with two full days, three nights, six stages and a lineup of more than 80 artists and 40,000 visitors. DGTL is one of the fastest growing dance festivals in the world with venues in Barcelona and Sao Paulo, next to Amsterdam. Apart from the festivals DGTL will also soon introduce its own record label.

We were asked to develop a new identity because the current identity was getting too narrow. Everything looked the same and there was no distinction between the different venues.

We translated the former rough, rusty industrial feel into a new industrial style of light, color and characters that match both the atmosphere of the industrial zones DGTL organizes their festivals in and their characteristic cutting edge composition of electronic music, conceptual art performances and installations. Logo, typography and visual language; everything is made up of lines and dots, inspired by Morse code, a recognizable element from the old DGTL style.

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