Tongdo-sa’s Temple Identity was embodied with stupa as a motif, which represents it.
Tongdo-sa is one of the big three Buddhist temples of South Korea, which was founded.
The Treasure Exhibition Hall has the temple’s treasures like Tripitaka Koreana (Haeinsa Temple Photoprint). Like this, Tongdo-sa has national treasures, other treasures and a lot of designated cultural assets. In addition, the stupa in Tongdo-sa is a pagoda that enshrines small crystals of Buddha, regarded as sacred relics in the ancient Silla period, which contains the past, present, and future of Tongdo-sa.
Tongdo-sa Temple Identity expresses the stupa in various forms of lines and faces, which succeeds the Korean sentiment and tradition and at the same time, shows modern beauty. For logotype, we utilized the typeface that has long been used as its signboard while for color, we used warm gray, which shows the moderate beauty of tradition and authority.

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