Tibetan Tea is known as “Bo Tea” formerly, it was the royal family Tribute Tea. We study from the creative point that TuBo called itself “bod”, the aureole of Zanpu as the form, Tibetan Buddhist lotus as the artistic conception; creation designs LOGO of Daxiang Tibetan Tea.
Our creative idea is from Marnyi Stone admired by Buddhism and prayer wheels, transform the words of scriptures into “Daxiang” Tibetan font. After being modified, it becomes the core factor. Gift scripture box use the gold color and outline of prayer wheels. The simple and elegance of Tibetan culture is presented on the package. Gift scripture box is like spinning prayer wheels. The design is easy for the customers to recognize and remember, and it presents the king atmosphere of high-end royal family Tibetan tea.
Product packaging is from Marnyi Stone, cover the whole factors to highlight the craftsmanship and show the layering sense of sculptures fully. The design achieves the simple style of products and enriches the layers. It explains Tibetan culture and elegant king style, adds the impact force and beauty sense of terminal display, has enough identifiably and recognition force for users.

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