In early 2016, there wasn’t a unified platform available to data practitioners. The data science practice is amazing and complex. In pursuit of our mission to make data simple and accessible, we created Data Science Experience (DSX), a cloud-based, innovative end-to-end experience for data scientists to research, create, and collaborate across multidisciplinary teams. DSX merges a powerful set of open source and legacy tools with an online community for data scientists. There are no barriers between the creative and the learning experience, which we found is exactly how data scientists work. We took a design centered approach in creating DSX. It was a major effort involving a team of 250+ people across 8time-zones. As the design team, we led the effort, from the concept to product launch. We pushed back against a historically development-led organization to ensure that our users’ experience was not to be compromised. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Science Platforms positioned IBM as the leader, saying “DSX is likely to be one of the most attractive platforms in the future — modern, open, flexible and suitable for a range of users, from expert data scientists to business people.”

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