Cráneo Organic Mezcal begins with hand selecting 100% organic agave. The entire production that follows is dedicated to the preservation of ancient Oaxaca methods of artisanal distillation. These organic and artisanal brand values, together with the authentic Mexican craftsmanship, needed to be communicated in the packaging design, for which we used sustainability in its broadest form.

Hand-blowing the glass was chosen to create the bottles from 100% recycled glass (underlining both the craftmanship in production and organic nature of the mezcal). Furthermore the labels are produced from recycled paper, are printed with soy-based inks and glued to the bottles using vegetable based glue; to top it of, wooden caps with natural cork are used.

The graphic design process of the labels itself continues with this sustainable story. The artwork was hand carved into wood and to give the label the real hand carved feeling, the carvings where embossed into the label. The artwork is honouring century old Mexican traditions, the sacred skull depicted on the label symbolizes strength and influence. Only black and white is used, symbolizing the pureness of the transparent spirit.

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