From Goethe with Heart

As a not-for-profit organization, Goethe-Gesellschaft Hochrhein promotes cultural life and literature. Focus and mission are Goethe’s spirit and work. In addition to the regular Goethe Café; lectures, study tours, exhibitions and theater tours are organized for a wide audience.

The initial of the universal genius becomes the logo. The form is reminiscent of a ginkgo leaf, Goethe’s favorite tree, but also a heart or a clenched hand. This is not only a picture of the emotional expressions that appear in his work, but also the creative phases and the fields of interest. From “Sturm und Drang” to Romantic, from poet to scientist.

The colors adhere to the three motifs and subtly underline the graphics and texts. Overall, the design is inspired by Goethe’s herbarium and his scientific work.

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