From “teaching the world to sing” in the 1971 “Hilltop” ad to creating chart topping hits around World Cup, Olympics, Coke has always used music and audio branding as part of their marketing to bring their campaigns into the pop culture lexicon and enhance memorability of their campaigns. Coke was launching a new campaign and new tag line, our task was to help increase awareness for the iconic brands new global tag line ‘taste the feeling’. Coke’s existing audio signature “5 Notes’’ that has been used since 2008 was one of the most successful branding devices in brands marketing arsenal but unfortunately the melody did not allow us to integrate the new tagline in to the melody with words. It was essential to create a new melody built around the “Taste the Feeling” tagline, making it singable which improves memorability and branding. We also incorporated the intrinsic sounds of enjoying a Coca-Cola into the structure of our audio signature’s rhythm and melodic phrasing. Making the tagline “Taste the Feeling” singable and incorporating the intrinsic sounds brings the product associated positive experience and the new tagline in to center stage of every communication inseparably.

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