CuBetween Space Model
is a developing spatial design method. By 6 basic cutting principals, we could create 54 kinds of CuBetween prototype units, which could be assembled to form an ambiguous and continued spaces. This design method was developed with Po-An, Chen and Ssu-Jung Lu which can be applies to different functions and scales of spaces.

Cloud Arbour
Respond to the subject of exhibition “The Un-known Cloud”, we selected 3 basic prototype units in the size of 60x60x60cm to develop an Cloud Arbour for people to stay, to lie, to sit, to play and to pass… A continuous curve-surface swinging in the space, which seems like the clouds which were formed by the winds, the atmosphere is soft and also smooth.

(IB Lab/ Che Wang, Po-An Chen, Ssu-Jung Lu, Hsuan-Ming Chen)

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