“When a thing is done to it’s very best, it’s an art.” This is a record of the adventures of a modern Chinese adventurer and an association of adventure, the China Exploration & Research Society (CERS) during the past thirty years.
An ancient Chinese text says, “The classic, the path.” The road to the classic is a journey for everyone to take. The creativity and design for this book is also a journey to the adventures and the classic. We have been through the thirty years of curious adventures to the unknown lands with the author.The core design concept of the book cover and the book wrapper is focused on the starting point, the destination, and the routes throughout the adventure. However, we transformed complicated adventures into a simple visualised language with points, lines and planes. Inspired by the author’s background rooted in oriental countries, we used calligraphy and the design at typography. Combining the typography with the blocking technology, the design represents the idea that “every adventure is a work of arts”. The creative process of our design is like a journey of adventures. Meanwhile, the journey of adventures is like a creative process of arts.

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