Schizophrenic Dialogues
Clara Buntin, an artist with Italian roots, grew up in Munich and now lives in Zurich. She feels just as at home with music as well as in the world of the theatre. She invented a new genre for her last solo-programmes: she combines singing, live-syncing with a lot of wordplay, bizarre songs full of poetry, humour and melody. Clara Bunitn presents her unusual ideas in her programme “I and Clara”. Her jokes with words cause slight vibrations in the brain. So many confusions are mixed into the ring of the vocals and the keys. In a well-played solo “Clip and Clara” with bizarre Dada songs.
The design concept is based on these almost schizophrenic dialogues presented by Clara Buntin in her solo programmes. The goal was to reflect these imaginary dialogues, visually in a flexible corporate design. For this purpose, a special font was designed which represents this schizophrenic dialogues. Each letter in this typeface combines two different fonts and symbolizes the dialog between Clara and Clara.

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