To transmit and convey the sense of this deluxe artisan granola product, stressing on the outstanding granola itself, the idea of the design concept is to echo the outstanding quality of the “naked” product itself. In an attempt to evaluate the tasting experience, the outside surfaces of the box reserves most of the blank space in order to keep the sense of simplicity and purity, nothing but a golden logo and an embossed granola figure. Given this unique aesthetic similar to the modern Chinese landscape painting. The decent semi-sculpture embossed granola figure provides not only the pleasure in visual experience but also in hand texture, signify like a certified stamp signing from the house of chef. The embossed full circle is forming in 8 geometric shapes, stacking up underlining the 8 pure natural ingredients contained in each granola product. Beautiful textured symbols combine to appeal to both sight and touch, while expressing a new feeling of luxury and distinctiveness. Follow the minimalism of the looks outside, thick craft paper is the primary material used for the inner drawer box, giving the sense of the nature to the non-artificial food products.

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