This book is an album of art works designed for “The Chinese Style – an Exhibition of Wang Xinyao’s Contemporary Works”. A series of works in “The Chinese Style” he created focus on the aspect of the Chinese spirit.
When exchanging ideas with the artist, we reached an agreement on “making the past serve the present”. We expect to show an ancient element, “Chinese ink painting”, in a modern form with the help of “Chinese art paper”.
When making the book, we first spread Chinese art paper on the ground and then painted by splashing ink. When the painting basically took shape, we made it fixed by a frame, and leaned it against a wall by moving on mobile ladders. After ink was dried, we rub and twisted it. Finally, we pasted it on the front cover and the back cover. Looking at it closely, we can find complex and rich changes and layers of ink, which is black and flowing. The composition and the thickness of colors were adjusted whenever necessary during the creation process. Looking at it in from a distance, we can feel both its Chinese style and an appealing modern sense.

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