China solar terms food culture illustration design
The theme of this illustration design is based on Chinese traditional “twenty-four solar” food culture.The twenty-four solar terms, which was established in the pre Qin period and established in the Han Dynasty, are complementary calendars for guiding farming,by observing the sun’s annual motion,a knowledge system formed by the change of seasons, climate and phenology in a year.It divide the anniversary of the sun trajectory into 24 equal parts,each part is a solar term,from the beginning of spring, finally end with chill, again and again, not only the official promulgation time criterion, but also the compass to guide agricultural production.In November 30, 2016, the twenty-four solar terms were officially included in the UNESCO list of human intangible cultural heritage. At the same time, in the international meteorological community, the twenty-four solar terms are praised as “the fifth great inventions of China”.In the 21st century, with the popularization and development of agricultural science and technology, solar control on our control has not been so strict, but it is still the basic guiding role of the production and l

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