The Chikuwa is a traditional snack in Keelung area that originated from Japan, known for its rich charcoal aroma, hand-made production, and fresh surimi. Due to the time-consuming nature of production, there is a limited amount of production each day. Traditional Chikuwa packaging lack design aesthetics, and many do not know about this delicacy.
The brand is designed with the local landscape of Keelung combined with maritime elements. Bright colors are used to hint at Keelung’s charming natural scenery. Three flavors of Chikuwa are available, shark, crab, and octopus. Watercolor brushstrokes express the beauty of traditional cuisine. All the above are inspirations for the name “Chikuwa Ocean.”
With our creativity and design, we hope to promote this tasty local snack to more people. There are individual packages and gift boxes to choose from. Individual packages come with a pie-box design that make it easy for customers to snack on the go. The box is designed with a transparent window for customers to see the contents. Gift boxes are also available for Chikuwa lovers to share the delicacy with others, allowing more people to know about this local Keelung snack.

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