Che Pi is a 10-year interview of the Chinese rock star Zuoxiaozuzhou. The book is pocket size, up to 1028 pages, reflecting the volume of language. In this book, the text is the main focus, which is shown in a radical way. The reader can read these texts without any obstacles. One page shows the question, the opposite page shows the answer. But the text of the answer is not of same sizes, it varies from pages to pages, which reflects the changes of the sound and tunes visualy. Therefore, the question and the answer built up new relationships, which show the strong power of Chinese characters, and a big sense of humor. The book is wrapped in a paper full of text, which is the preface. Before reading the book, the reader has to tear it off, which also corresponds to the title “Che Pi”, an expression of double meaning in Chinese, which not only means “tear off” but also means “chatter”. The author’s preface can be thrown away – you don’t need to believe any words in it, just as the rock star’s naughty character.

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