The Cereal Code: project provides a new way for busy people to get a well-balanced meal because they need simpler way to get it. Additionally, the project includes packaging and web design. Moreover, our targets are businessmen and students, and they need to save time, but balanced meals are too time consuming. So, we used a vending machine to provide consumers with milk, yogurt, cereal, and whatever topping they want.

Cereal Code’s motif comes from the serial code which is a set of combined numbers for identification. The homonym which is “cereal” and “serial”, creates the name “Cereal Code”. Through the blank section of the logo, consumers can press the buttons to put in their codes that they generate depending on the product options. Cereal Code has its own unique package. To keep the product hygienic, milk and yogurt have been separated. After the consumer has finished their selection, it all comes out as one package.

Our design shows a sense of patterning through the flow of milk and expresses the bright image through vivid colors. According to our concept, a bigger design is divided among each cereal box. When all 36 cereal boxes come together, it shows a complete image.

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