This exclusive volume, produced as self-marketing of the agency mind the gap! comprises a booklet, archive gloves printed with “care” and “-ful”, a cover card and a box with a catch seal. The pack comes with an app offering further in-depth information.

With its title care-ful, mind the gap! emphasizes that its services focus on all aspects of exhibition design for its clients. The booklet wrapped in tissue paper and the cotton gloves remind of the way museum objects are handled.

The volume is designed like an exhibition: The cover and the box are both made of gray cardboard reminiscent of archive boxes. Numerous images run across pages, creating the impression of one’s moving through an exhibition. Fold-out pages visualize several exhibition projects created by mind the gap!. The booklet also features QR codes for the corresponding app that offers additional information, games and fan songs.

care-ful effectively reflects the agency’s CI that is based on images of traffic pylons and situations that call for attention.

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