“Everyone is like a container that embraces the savings for all of our ideals.”
Containers are used to accommodate and we compare the container to person. “Capacity” is important to designers because we often need to have the capacity to accept criticism and advice, accumulating the experience of success and failure. Hence, “Capacity” refers to what we learn in the course of university. Because of these good and bad experiences, the “Capacity” changes with the time.
Every process is part of our life, so we use the handwritten text and brush-made strokes to make the vision more temperature. Using different strokes of the concrete containers to express each person and use different textures to express the abstract process, not only to have a level of our vision, but also shows the ups and downs of the design process. Our poster also combines the three-dimensional container design, so it is not just a flat vision, but a practical interactive design. The overall concept of the three-dimensional container is also consistent with the meaning of the “Capacity”.

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