The task was to create a modern pub chain with a strong corporate presence of Budweiser Budvar. Original concept which offers to customers gastronomical and design experience. Humor and optimism are an important component of the concept. Part of the task was to create a flexible modular interior and therefore we worked with 12 key interiors element. Part of the concept was design of menu, coaster wall, porcelain keg for cutlery and bowls on mats etc.

The proposed solution is inspired by environment of the classical Czech pubs. We were not afraid to use beer mats, crates, beer barrel, beer glass, bottle or beer corks and transferred them into stylized architectural detail and graphic pictograms. Simplicity and readability creates icons which are easy to remember.

Conical half-columns are reminiscent of the glass with beer foam. Bar is inspired by typical black Budvar barrel, cladding of the wall are done by beer coasters composed to the patterns. Benches backrest are inspired of beer bottles and lighting by beer crates. Five variations of wall-graphics stylize motive of plug, containers, bottles and jars. Iconic elements are ceram

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