Online portals like Amazon are omnipresent and apply a lot of pressure to the retailers. As a highly traditional Hamburg based family company, BUDNI counters with a distinct customer loyalty and the reliance on well-tried. BUDNI has adopted these values in their holistic digital transformation. With a new developed digital styleguide, the app creates a new digital home for the brandcore. With their drive-to-store strategy the BUDNI app approaches the user directly at their daily purchasing routine: With the shopping list, while discovering new products and with the customer card.

The app is just the tip of the iceberg: Additionally BUDNI has digitalised its entire product range including availability and personalisation. With a complex backend structure this creates the possibly fastest shopping list of the world. On top of that, BUDNI has digitalised its customer card, which is available directly in the app. The digitalisation of all products enables the daily display of individual offers and the availability in each store. The integrated product scanner connects the app to the cash system and puts the products directly on the shopping list.

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