BSK is a Swedish architectural office. Probably the most Swedish architectural office of all. Now they celebrate fifty years. In this anniversary booklet, the employees themselves recall the decades under the Royal Swedish Building Agency, the brutalist 1970’s projects, but also the 90’s crisis with its sudden demands on spectacular brand architecture. The image of a survivor appears. An unprestigious collective where the generations are mixed and the expressions are varied, but where the motto is always the same: form follows function. The same pragmatism characterizes BSK 50. Instead of a gold-plated foil, the starting point has been a simple file folder. In the folder, texts and images have been collected. The design is deliberately unorganized. Images overlap, text flows over images, contrasting paper qualities are mixed. But the structure soon becomes clear to the reader. The project descriptions are sandwiched between extended interviews with the office’s seniors and juniors; a colourful column presenting all employees runs throughout the product as a backbone; facts and figures on sales, number of employees and the companies organizational structure are presented in graphs .

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