In his exhibition “Broken Territories” Holger Schmidhuber presents contemporary painterly works evolved from Oriental carpets that are up to a century old in an unusual historical context. Exhibited in a major solo show as walk-on paintings among the Old Masters at Landesmuseum Wiesbaden, Schmidhuber’s disruptive avant-garde approach has drawn the crowds and for months dominated media coverage of the museum.

„Broken Territories“ continues the striking journey that the exhibition had started, offering its viewers a truly distinguishable experience. A thoughtful editorial design frames Schmidhuber’s work, illustrating his art in photography and text. The ‘Breaking’ dominates the book’s content and design. This is clear the moment you ‘tear’ open the contents on the packaging foil. Playing with different materials and different kind of papers throughout the whole book, the reader is invited to use all his senses – especially since augmented reality implementations offer additional sound and video effects and intensify the strong impressions that visitors could gain from the interaction of paintings, scenery and soundscape at the museum.

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