At 12305 Fifth Helena Drive, Brentwood, Los Angeles, autopsy images of the late Marilyn Monroe, who died in 1962, prompted Holger Schmidhuber to explore the space between the realms of image, perception, and memory.

The book demonstrates the ingenious concept of the artist, who, tired of the perpetual production of images, wants to get to the core of the image itself, to perception and memory. He quotes classic images of the dead, he includes the exploration of figuration and abstraction in his pictorial dispute, operating, furthermore, fully conscious of the massification and dilution in the media. He starts at precisely those interfaces and reflects in his work – about images as a window, a membrane, a postulate.

BRENTWOOD comes in a handmade leather slipcase branded by the artist himself. On the inside, folding pages and various papers give the “shimmering spectacle” room to make an impact. Three special metallic colors imitate the organic pigments and glass particles of the originals. This way the book becomes a simulation of the original work, and an artwork itself.

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