Boqueria is a tapas restaurant in New York City and Washington DC. With new restaurant openings planned, they wanted to revitalise their brand to better reflect their offer of authentic Spanish tapas and conviviality.

How do you tell a story of authentic Spanish cuisine? Let the food do the talking.
Everything within the identity was created using food, from the typography to the imagery. The collateral was even printed using vegetable inks. Even the tone of voice took on the language of food, utilising bizarre Spanish idioms that reference food and command attention when translated into English because of their peculiarity.

The restaurant name was inspired by the La Boqueria market in Barcelona – a place that traditionally supplies fresh produce to restaurants in the area.

We recreated the original logo from photos of the sign and took steps to modernise it, moving away from the Art Deco feel while maintaining a sense of character and quirk.
Having digitally constructed the logo, we then cut it from potato to bring it in line with the other brand elements; hand-printing it to give a truly distinct brand marque.

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