As part of a book design project featuring content generated via interviews, I decided to focus my subject on the uninhibited, amusing and insightful responses coming from children. It all began with the interview of my then seven-year-old niece and her hilariously unusual but also incredibly sweet answers to life’s questions. Further interviews were conducted with children all up to 10 years old.

It is a book about children for adults accompanied with illustration. The book is an open format, (185 x 167mm (15mm thick). It has no page numbers nor table of contents, but is entirely free for the reader to explore. Each page credits the child’s name and age.

The title mimics the large letter forms of a child’s writing. With this child-like writing and aesthetic and NOT so child-like title, the humor which makes up the content of the book is created.

Classic stick-figures, collaged with photo emphasize the exaggerated nature of children’s responses. The headless and big haired characters also refer to the typical drawings of niece, Shanique. The whole book is a play with duality between adult and child perception, filled with unintentional humor—also designed as an Epub.

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