BMW Magazine Digital offers readers a comprehensive multimedia brand experience. It builds on the top-quality content and aesthetic appeal of the multi-award-winning print version of the magazine and uses innovative technology to transmit them via digital communication channels. The content is distributed worldwide, while taking the specific needs of the national markets into account.
The digital magazine combines a native app with a responsive website. This ensures an outstanding performance and creates an excellent user experience. One of the main reasons for this is the responsive design. The magazine’s content is centrally created. Users receive the topics and language versions that match their GEO IP/computer settings.

The digital publication’s look conveys the values associated with BMW Magazine. Picture galleries and videos underscore BMW’s premium standing, and offer a mixture of precise and state-of-the-art image conceptions that boast a level of quality similar to that of international lifestyle publications. All of the articles are written to journalistic standards. New content is added weekly in order to emphasize the publication’s editorial nature.

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