Interactive Info-Terminals for Biogen Idec

With several interactive info-terminals at the pro-fair Neurowoche and a doctors’ symposium at BMW World Munich, Biogen Idec follows the clear message that complicated matters are easier to comprehend when the audience is engaged. Each terminal focuses on a specific product for Multiple Sclerosis patients, highlighting usage, effectiveness and practical experience. While the intuitive navigation interface offers a variety of selections, the information content is designed to be educational as well as easy-to-understand. The design scheme follows a clear visual pattern and relies on the recurring square icon for buttons and the arrangement of content. 3D models of the innovative products and human physiology, help to clarify complex processes.
Designed as a double-screen setup with the touch interface on a horizontal table and the information displayed on a vertical screen in portrait mode, the terminals are well suited for presentations by the staff to small visitor groups. Naturally, they can also be operated by the visitors themselves, rendering them a perfect information tool for busy trade show floors.

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