Music allows the soul to disintegrate and transcend to a higher state of being. Eastern classical music is a conversation of love spoken in syllables of purity and reflection. The concept was to visually showcase the unraveling of the soul, pierced by the powerful, uplifting and euphoric waves of music. Raga – the building blocks of classical music: distinct melodic forms containing key movements, each embodying a distinct personality. To visually encapsulate the essence of classical music, a generative system was developed. A symbol – the statue of a musician sitting at peace, her hands liberating the tunes from her Tanpura – was chosen as the core seed of the system to generate design elements unique to each performer’s music. The lighting of the statue for each generation reflected the different times of the day-night when a ‘Raga’ is played. The original version of the statue was 3D scanned and virtualized for the custom generative system. A data bank of 378 ragas, including their respective times of the day, musical notes and interval sequences was included in the system, using which it manipulated the the 3D figure, spontaneously unraveling and illuminating its soul in sync.

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