Loved and Rejected – Cinema in the Young Federal Republic of Germany from 1949 to 1963

The cinema landscape of the new, post-war Federal Republic of Germany was varied and lively, and quite different from popular opinion. The 33 articles featured in this book that has been nationally and internationally acclaimed, offer a multifaceted insight into German film-making during the Adenauer era. The book manages to paint a comprehensive panorama of an era and its cinema still offering plenty to discover.

In creating the 270-illustration book, typesets of the time were used: the body type is the Palatino nova by H. Zapf, a revised version of the 1950s Palatino. Headlines are set in Neue Haas Grotesk (the Helvetica archetype) and Haas Unica is used for the captions.
The layout reminds of coffeetable books of the era, setting visual accents with prominent black bars. Colors and gradients pick up on the preferred color choices of the 1950s. The color gradients used for the beginning of the texts are derived from the pages with quotations; they are divided by the texts displayed in the same colors – a subtle nod to the1950s dressed in today’s design.

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