BeanQ is an intelligent robot designed for children from 3 to 10.
We consider target group, functional characteristics, industrial design and brand definition, referring to the basic shape of bean with rich color and cute design language in VI, and we had the concept of Pea Family. Using anthropomorphic expressions, giving vitality to the character, clarifying personality and special skills of each character, integrating closely with product functions, all of it increase brand recognition and make Pea Family become recognizable. It makes child know robot well and provides embodied experiences.
Differing from general tooling products, intelligent robots for children is a new category. How to distinguish it from other children product and passing “vitality” of the brand to this society are our way of exploring. We try to build a fun visual system combining the tone of the brand with product attributes closely by using vivid colors, anthropomorphic vitality and easier way to understand. It can show children a total new visual system and provide them a more natural way to feel what intelligence and technology bring.

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