Due to the usage of plastic bags is extremely high in Taiwan.On average ”18 billion” plastic bags for each year.But the recycling rate have only 7%. In Taiwan ,the way to process these plastic waste is either by incineration ,landfill,or even flow into the ocean.

We collect and reproduce plastic bags into recycling products.

“Product packaging”, to cooperate our ECO-friendly concept, we decide to less down the outside package, and combine our brand image poster as visual identity. After unfold the whole package,it turns into poster. In this way the package can be reuse again as a poster.

“Style book” we hope to enhance the image of recycling products, to prove that recycling product can be use as a new one as well .

“Plastic bags recycle products”is to enhance the image of recycling products .To make disposable garbage be reused as much as possible. However, it wasn’t an effective way to solve the excessive garbage problem. The only way to solve the main problem is by changing our consumption habit. Through this project, we pass out the concept of “garbage reduction” to public, and hope that people can notice the essentiality of environmental protection.

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