The proliferation of content and an ever-growing number of digital touchpoints surrounding consumers, required AVON to look beyond visual identity to build consistency and boost branding across their communications. Up until 2015 Avon created an average of 20 tv spots per year, each took approximately 8 months to create and there was no digital content. Today, Avon produces over 400 pieces of content ranging from high production TV ads to socially optimized content, produced in a matter of days. With no other beauty brand using sonic branding at a global level, Avon seized the opportunity to revisit sonic branding once again to help all communications work a little harder for the brand. We created a modular audio logo and an audio identity system inspired from brands heritage that fit into any communication and touchpoint: from a TV spot to social post to a branded event. Within a year, Avon integrated the audio identity into most internal and external communications across all global markets. It has become an essential aspect of Avon’s brand identity, making every communication work harder for the brand, bringing consistency and boosting Avon’s ability to rise above the clutter.

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