We collaborated with “Sausage Family” and designed a series of packaging for seafood sausage. Visually, we chose various seafood illustrations that integrated both ocean and other natural elements. We placed pictures of colorful fish and shrimp in front of a white background to convey a sense of freshness and purity. For the logo, we implemented elements of penmanship to emphasize the image of Taiwan. We also used traditional shape of six side drying furnaces which used to dehydrate sausages in the past as the origin of inspiration. The shape symbolizes perfection, with the lid on it is the perfect gift box. We also designed characteristic vacuum sealed bags, paper bags, name cards, recipe menus and calendars. For people overseas to get a chance to get a taste of Taiwan, we spent a lot of time perfecting the packaging to incorporate cultural elements of Taiwan. These spread the taste of Taiwanese sausages which is second to none and reinvigorate the brand into the sausage market.

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