Froggy sits in the sunshine. Doesn‘t he look just fine. Those are the first two lines of the famous poem “Dat Pöggsken” (The Frog) by Westphalian poet Augustin Wibbelt. Even today, primary school children in Münsterland, Wibbelt’s homeland, learn the poem about the frog off by heart. So cyclos decided to make this frog the signet of the Augustin-Wibbelt School in Vorhelm near Ahlen, which was founded in 1896. Wibbelt‘s tradition-steeped amphibian now encounters 171 children every day as a cheerful, curious or thoughtful pictogram, sometimes on an invigorating and sometimes on a pastel coloured background, on T-shirts, timetables, badges, book marks, a painting book, carrier bags and postcards. The word and design mark combines the friendly frog face with the equally multifaceted Cephalonia font. This geometric sans serif font, with its cross-strokes in the letters O, E, F and D, looks like antique Greek engravings – and hopping frog legs. The new corporate design therefore reflects in text and image the Augustin Wibbelt School’s commitment to academic tradition and educational agility.

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