quattro GmbH is being changed to Audi Sport GmbH. Surrounding the sub-brand, the Red Rhombus, a cosmos of its own is to be built up and the individual facets of Audi Sport are to be defined clearly. This includes the sporty R and RS stock models, company sports and customer sports management, as well as retail offerings. The purpose was, for the new sub-brand, to create an appropriate, representative medium – high quality, exclusive, cross-media. The target group was exclusively buyers of the stock models and Audi customer racing customers. The basis was to be a high-quality brandbook that represents the brand Audi Sport and the idea “Born on the track, built for the road”, meaning the idea of technology transfer from racing to stock production. The book incorporates the idea in the arrangement of the chapters. Chapter 1 shows the competence in motor sports, Chapter 2 the transfer to stock production, and Chapter 3 focuses on how the products of the brand are experienced. The headline mechanics also take up the transfer concept. 10.000 Brandbooks have been ordered from Audi dealers in 42 countries and have been used as a retail tool.

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