As part of the Audi Sport Brandbook production, three films have been produced. “Rodeo” is designed to translate the interplay of forces and mastery in an Audi RS model. Rodeo is considered the most dangerous sport in the world. Slow-motions shows the power of the animal and the will of the man to keep holding on. A bucking horse and a rider: The concept of horsepower cannot be illustrated more archaically. The team of cameraman, photographer, and author attended a rodeo in Denton, Texas, shadowing the cowboys and their horses during a 4-day rodeo event. The film: The gate flies open, and the rodeo horse shoots out. The “shoot” marks the first of eight seconds, during which a broncho does everything it can to throw the rider, who is permitted to hold on only with one hand, into the arena. With a maximum risk of injury. Cutaways show the 580-hp Audi RS 5. Wild at heart. The power of Audi Sport. Through barcodes in the Audi Sport Brandbook customers could see the moving picture content.

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