Branders sharpened Atupri’s brand strategy and created a new visual identity implemented in an omnichannel approach across all digital and physical touchpoints.
This was followed up by an advertising campaign to push brand awareness. To strengthen the brand with a unique profile, Atupri was positioned as a health insurer that enables clients to make independent decisions about their individual health needs. Truly differentiating is the new claim: Der Gesundheitsversicherer, and the legal title Gesundheitsversicherung (formerly Krankenkasse). Atupri is the first health insurance in the Swiss market to undergo this holistic transition as the title Gesundheitsversicherer means health insurer, whereas the common name Krankenkasse stands for sickness insurance. Black and white imagery portraying individuals with a genuine character is typical of the bold design system. It perfectly conveys Atupri’s approachability in an emotional way while accents in blue and red add the desired dynamic note. Showing unclothed people in the campaign transports the simple yet striking idea: everything people need to lead healthy lives they already have – their (naked) bodies. And Atupri by their side.

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