Österreichische Post AG
Annual Report 2016: Arrived!

Austrian Post is a leading company in the Austrian business world. It assures the reliable nationwide supply of postal services to the public and businesses in Austria, thus making an important contribution to up-keeping and safeguarding the country’s communication and logistics infrastructure.

The annual report is made up of two parts, which can inserted into a cover to combine them. The separate magazine presents Austrian Post as having its feet firmly placed on the ground, thus reflecting the position of the company in society.

The focus is placed on trust in the report. The tenor: to maintain the trust of our customers, we have to deliver reliably time and time again.

The finish adopts the character of a postage stamp: the cover is punched like a sheet of stamps. The narrow pages and index tabs cut into the financial report show perforations like they are found on stamps. Everyone knows what a postage stamp is. With a postage stamp attached, your letter is sure to reach its destination. It arrives. Hence, the finish underlines the guiding theme of the report: Arrived! Trust reaffirmed.

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