Arita is a set of typefaces developed as a CSR project by the Korean cosmetics company AMOREPACIFIC. Arita embarked on its 13-year-journey from 2005 and provided each typeface free of charge to the public once development had been completed. It was first heralded with Arita Dotum, then became a complete typeface family with the addition of its sibling typefaces—Arita Sans in 2011, Arita Buri in 2013, and Arita Heiti in 2017.

Especially Arita Heiti aims at contributing to the culture and peace of East Asia as Hanja(Chinese character) is a common asset in East Asia. In order for various people to use it widely, it is designed to be suitable for continuous texts. Its solid structure and simple strokes are inspired by the archaic forms of Chinese calligraphy, Seal Script and Clerical Script, and reflect the beauty of East Asian women: inner health and elegant figure. As AMOREPACIFIC believes that “beauty is a gift that changes the world”, the 4th gift Arita Heiti is to be shared with the world from now on.

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