Inspired by the renewed vigour of spring and freshness of the start of the new season, Luxlotusliner developed and produced the Easter&Spring Campaign 2017 for Germany´s first public TV channel “Das Erste”, filming humorous short stories with artfully carved cute characters out of fruits and vegetables. In the spring pastel coloured sets and art gardens of perfectly carved beetroot and radish roses, carrot, honeydew and watermelon flowers and a fresh green wheatgrass, Luxlotusliner let the raspberry mice and pear penguins pass on a catwalk, cauliflower-asparagus sheep dance on a cool funk playing record, apple owls swing, radish-popcorn bunnies kiss and a watermelon shark horrify the guanabana eagle owl.
We enhanced the campaign value by the fact that all our characters are ingredients for the recipes you can find on the associated website where the recipe packshot web link at the ident endings is leading you to. There you can also learn how to carve our beautiful creatures & watch the making of or interviews with our carving artists. Beside the station idents, we produced commercial bumpers, printed postcards and design elements for the corporate website and social media portals.

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