‘Archaeology Switzerland‘ at the new sculptural extension of the National Museum Zurich. The archaeological exhibition merges three approaches to the past: TERRA, HOMO, NATURA.
TERRA emphasizes the relationship between the exhibit and its individual findspot. Visitors stroll below the Swiss landscape, an orographic rib-type model hovering in space. In a poetic way, light changes accentuate the ongoing passage of time.
HOMO offers a chronological overview of 100,000 years of human history. Artefacts from the Palaeolithic to the Middle Ages are arranged to form strong narrative portrayals of different epochs. Visitors obtain information about the objects via movable screens at the showcases. Seven highlight exhibits in the centre of the room are scenographically staged and accompanied by film projections, contextualizing the objects.
NATURA discusses people’s influence on nature. At seven hands-on stations, visitors research plant, animal and mineral finds. A room-sized landscape projection changes the visual appearance of the space and complements the monumental architecture. Visitors can individually trigger scenes in the projection by moving closer or touching devices.

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