This year’s challenge for PR:
• Valorize the consumer-centric business model
• Capitalize on its brand promise: “Creator of conviviality”

Expressed by Senegalese photograph, Omar Victor Diop, Africa sets this year’s mindset.

Through the photos of the Group’s African collaborators, Omar Victor Diop expresses the richness of urban Africa and highlights the strategic convictions of the Group for the future.

The overall design takes on the graphic convictions of the artist:
• The wax – major design trend of 2016 – becomes a geometric pattern used thoroughly through the report – enabling the transcription of the photos’ energy within an institutional communication support.
• The diamond, as a recurring pattern used in the artist waxes, comes to light within flat tint, to valorize the important content.
• Colors both in the overall design and the photos work harmoniously together: dark colors highlighted by small patches of bright colors.
• The medallion, adorned by each collaborator, symbolizes conviviality.

The best results of all: the « Mindset » concept has lived beyond the pages of the AR, giving its name to an eponymous exhibition in the Paris Photo

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