The Animal Gift Bag simplifies your process of gift wrapping. It features personal characteristics and is eco-friendly.
The Animal Gift Bag provides you with a new experience of gift giving. It solves your problem of having difficulties to wrap up a gift, gives gift wrapping a personal twist, and enhances the value of the gift. It not only adds fun to gift wrapping for the giver, but also brings surprises and extra joy to the receiver.
The Animal Gift Bag is incorporated with the concept of paper folding. The giver only needs follow the crease pattern to fold up the bag and apply colors on it to create a unique gift wrap. The tear-to-open bag is easy for the receiver to open the bag and retrieve items inside. The Animal Gift Bag is a combination of gift bag and card. Instead of a single-use product, the meaningful bag can be kept for decorative purposes.

1. Problems in gift wrapping.
2. Gift wrap creates a lot of waste.

1. Simple steps
2. Uniqueness
3. Easy to open
4. Eco-friendly

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